Asrın Beach

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In our restaurant, which offers magnificent Alanya air and exclusive examples of Turkish and World cuisines, you can have an open buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner in comfortable atmosphere with all inclusive concept and you can spend pleasant hours with your friends and family ...


You can chat with your friends on the wi-fi internet while sipping your drinks served in our carefully furnished spacious and spacious lobby.


After experiencing the pleasure of the sea with its delightful ambiance, if you are hungry, you can taste all of your free observations, hamburgers, pasta varieties, dumplings or pide varieties with unlimited drinks while feeling the coolness of the sea in a friendly and relaxed environment.


After cooling in our hotel pool on hot summer days, you can enjoy refreshing beverages in our bar and enjoy your sunshine ...

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With hygienic, spacious and spacious resting and sunbathing areas; we have outdoor swimming pools and children's pools where you can feel the energy of the water while you swim.



You will have fun in the water slide while enjoying the sun in our outdoor swimming pool.


Our areas in our hotel;

· Outdoor Swimming Pool

· 2 water slides (10 m in length)

· Kiddie pool

· Sunbed

· Mattress

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Our beach is at our own place and transportation is provided at a distance of 50m to our facility. Shower, WC, Snackbar, Bar, playground deck chairs and mattresses, umbrellas, free of charge.

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Asrin Beach offers Turkish bath and sauna, indoor pool, massage rooms and other presentations for your relaxation and physical therapy.

Turkish bath
Massages (extra)
Relaxation and relaxation room
Jacuzzi (extra)
Doctor (extra)

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During your holiday you are entertained and offer sports activities. We serve our guests in the presence of professional animators. Our children serve in the playground and the animator in the accompaniment for enjoyable time.

Day Activities;

GYM, dance course, fun games, step aerobics, table tennis, bocca, beach volleyball, water gymnastics and games, darts, basketball and badminton.

  Evening programs;

Turkish night professional evening shows, live music and guest-attendance games

Children Animations;

Activities by age groups, work between 04-12 years: mini club between 10:00 - 12:00 and 14: 30-17: 00.

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Asrın Beach Hotel